Non-Surgical Eyebrow Lift

The eye and eyebrow parts of the face are the most characteristic features of a person’s appearance. The depth and meaning of the gaze comes from the eyebrows. Eyebrows fall down over time due to the effect of gravity and facial expressions. This may cause the person to have a harsher and angry expression. It is possible to have a younger appearance and more meaningful looks by applying the eyebrow lift method to wrinkles in the middle of the eyebrow, lines in the forehead area and eyebrow fall.

Non-surgical eyebrow lift methods;

Thread eyebrow lift

Surgical method

Focused Ultrasound Hifu Method

Fractional Radio Frequency Forehead Needle

The method to be used in low eyebrow varies according to the degree of low eyebrow under the control of your doctor.

Thread Eyebrow Lift

It is a method that is performed with the help of threads with serrations on them and does not require surgical intervention. Local anesthesia is used as the anesthesia method. The thread is taken under the skin at the junction of the eyebrow and the skin and is taken out from the determined part of the eyebrow. By stretching the thread, the eyebrow comes to the desired area. The reason why the thread is serrated is to prevent the eyebrow from sliding back down again.

The redness that inevitably occurs in the procedure area disappears within a maximum of 2 days. This method, which is performed without any incision scar, is finalized within 30 minutes.

Focus Ultrasound Eyebrow Lift

In this method using electromagnetic sound waves, the electromagnetic waves used heat the skin tissue. The tissue in the eyebrow area begins to repair itself. Depending on the level of eyebrow fall, 1 or more sessions can be performed. 1 session takes approximately 15 minutes. It is a practical solution method.

Eyebrow Lift with Golden Needle

In the fractional radio frequency eyebrow lift method, it is performed non-surgically by using a gold needle head in radio frequency needles. While a single session is usually sufficient for this procedure, it can be increased to 2 or 3 sessions when the doctor deems necessary. In this procedure performed under the skin, no damage is caused to the skin. It increases collagen and elastin in the eyebrow area.

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