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Rhinoplasty, medically referred to as rhinoplasty, aims to improve or change the nasal structures of individuals. This type of plastic surgery can change the size and shape of the nose, correct congestion and harmonize with the overall facial aesthetics. Rhinoplasty is a procedure that can be performed for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Below are some of the benefits that can be achieved with rhinoplasty:

Aesthetic Improvement: Rhinoplasty changes the size and shape of the nose, allowing individuals to have a nose that is more harmonious with their facial features. This improves the overall facial aesthetics and self-esteem of individuals.

Functional Improvement: Rhinoplasty can solve breathing problems such as nasal congestion. This helps individuals breathe more comfortably and improve their overall quality of life.

Respiratory Correction: Rhinoplasty can correct intranasal structural disorders such as a deviated septum, which opens up the airways and allows individuals to breathe better.

Long Term Results: Rhinoplasty often offers permanent results, allowing individuals to benefit from both aesthetic and functional improvements on a long-term basis.

Rhinoplasty should be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon and full information about possible risks and the healing process should be obtained. As each individual’s aesthetic goals and medical needs are different, it is important to receive a professional assessment of whether a rhinoplasty procedure will meet personal expectations and needs.

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