Implant Treatment

Implant treatment replaces damaged and missing teeth with a metal screw-like artificial tooth root that closely resembles real teeth. Implant treatment is a better alternative to ill-fitting dentures or bridges. In order for implant treatment to be applied, the jawbone must be suitable and the gums must be healthy. For this reason, a clinical and radiologic examination is required before treatment. During implant treatment, sedation or general anesthesia may be preferred in order to make the patient more comfortable, as well as local anesthesia if only local or clinical conditions are appropriate.

Although the duration of implant treatment varies according to the number of implants to be applied, it is completed in a very short time thanks to today’s developing technology.

In order to complete the implant treatment in a healthy way, the mouth and gums must be healthy. Smoking is not recommended in order to avoid infection during the treatment process and for the implant to fully merge with the bone.

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