FUE Sapphire Method

Sapphire fue technique is a hair transplantation technique using sapphire blades instead of steel blades compared to the traditional fue technique.

This technique is an advanced version of the old type of Fue technique rather than a new approach. The difference between the two is the materials used in the channeling process. Sapphire blades made of a special stone create a much less traumatic effect with their sharpness and long life.

In the old type of Fue hair transplantation, the traditional steel blades used during the operation caused too much trauma to the tissue in the transplantation area, so it was very common that the operations failed and a second operation was needed due to tissue injury and impaired tissue blood supply (necrosis).

Sapphire blades, on the other hand, are sharper than the head and maintain this feature for a long time, allowing the surgeon to make more minimal incisions in the transplantation area. This minimizes deformation and allows for more frequent transplants. In addition, the risk of infection is minimized with the Anti-microbial and Anti-bacterial protection feature of sapphire blades compared to steel blades used in traditional methods. Thanks to this, the scalp heals quickly after the application and the patient has natural hair that cannot be distinguished from his own hair.


Comfortable and fast recovery process after transplantation,

Less tissue trauma,

Much more frequent and natural planting,

Minimized risk of infection with its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties,

After the operation, faster results are obtained thanks to the healthier attachment of the hair follicles to the micro channels opened.

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