Hair Transplant with Micro FUE

The most advanced technique recently used in hair transplantation is the FUE method. This technique, which differs from the other method only in the way of root extraction, has many advantages.

If we briefly touch upon the stages of the correct hair transplantation process;

It is the transplantation of grafts taken from the scalp to the balding area. Many factors are important in hair transplantation. It is very important to determine exactly what the person wants first. The transplantation should be decided after clarifying who the transplantation team consists of, the success rate after transplantation, whether there will be a repetition of the procedure, how much frequency will satisfy the patient and the answers to many other questions.

There is no hair loss in the hairy area on the nape of the neck of 4 – 5 fingers between the two ears. Roots are taken from this part. Before the procedure, the hair is shortened to number 0 with a machine shave in order to clearly see the area where the root will be taken and transplanted. First, the marked area where the root will be taken and then the drawn area to be transplanted during transplantation are numbed with local anesthetic medication.

For root extraction, micromotor tips suitable for the thickness of the hair are inserted and pulled into the skin in a way to center the hair and in accordance with the hair growth angle. The scalp is cut in a cylindrical shape together with the microscopic tissue surrounding the root. It is gently pulled with a micro pliers and the hair follicles are separated. This process continues until the desired number is reached. With the system realized, waste is minimized, more grafts are extracted and the time is shortened.

Considering that hair follicles are living cells, the shorter time ensures that the transplanted follicles remain alive. In this case, all of the transplanted roots are expected to grow.

In order for the grafts to remain healthier and alive during the waiting period outside, we can perform the procedure as if the graft was freshly transplanted at the first moment with a new method specially applied.

After the graft extraction process is completed, channels are opened in the area to be transplanted with the help of a special tip towards the direction of other hair growth, and the extracted roots are placed one by one in these channels. All of these procedures take an average of 6 to 8 hours, depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted.

Since the longer the amount to be transplanted, the longer the time, we do not approve more than 3000 grafts in one session for the grafts to be healthier.

In the post-transplantation process; the transplanted hair starts to grow from the first day, but since the collagen structure will deteriorate, it is expected that the hair strands will fall out from the second or third week. If they fall out, they start to grow and grow again from the transplanted channel starting from the 3rd month. By the 6th month, more than half of them will have grown, and the transplantation process is completed within 1 year.

Since the transplanted root is the person’s own hair, its characteristics are transferred to the transplanted area; it grows in the same color and character.
The only difference is that it is displaced.

In addition, since the roots are taken from the area coded not to fall out, the transplanted hair is used for life.
With the FUE technique, not only hair transplantation but also eyebrow, eyelash, beard and mustache transplantation can be performed.

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