Hair Transplant with FUT

What is the ‘Fut’ Method in Hair Transplantation?
Fut method stands for “Folliculair unıt transplantation”. It is a way of replacing hair follicles not one by one but in groups. Hair follicles are present in clusters of 1 to 4 hairs and these hair clusters can be created strictly under microscope glass and separated again under microscope glass.
Fut method is the placement of hair follicles taken from the circular area between the back of the head and the ears.
Fut method is not very preferred today. It is the most used but old known method in hair transfer. In fact, we can say that it is the beginning of providing a realistic appearance in the hair transfer process.

The most important distinction between the fut and fue method is the process of removing the fertile hair tissue, after which the hair transplantation methods to be applied continue in the same way.

In the fut hair transplantation method, the tissue fragment containing the fertile hair follicles is surgically removed by a surgical method, the hair follicles in the tissue fragment are separated into micrografts, in short, single-two hair follicles, and then transferred to the area where the application will be performed, this process takes an average of 5 hours.
The collective removal of efficient hair follicles saves time and the presence of the hair follicles under the microscope glass prevents damage to the hair clusters.

Since special needles are not used in the transplantation process with the Fut method, it is more ideal in terms of price.
In the process of hair transplantation with the fut method, there may be a non-specific scarring situation, loss of sensation and numbness may be felt for a while in the area where the hair follicles were taken, and if the fut method is desired to be repeated, it is necessary to wait at least six months for this procedure.

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