Face Lift

Facelift surgery is a surgical procedure performed to eliminate the changes in the facial area due to age progression. Although it is mostly thought to be performed for aesthetic purposes due to old age, sometimes there may be a medical necessity, for example; a patient who has gotten rid of excess weight after undergoing bariatric surgery at a young age and has sagging in the face area.

Due to age progression, unhealthy diet, excessive exposure to sunlight and smoking, loosening, sagging and loss of elasticity in the skin and muscles in the facial area begins. With facelift surgery, these changes are eliminated using different methods. During this surgery, not only the skin is stretched, but the skin and subcutaneous tissues are stretched and a natural appearance is obtained. This procedure aims to restore the changed areas by examining the youth photos of the patients.

The tissue and bone structure must be appropriate for facelift surgery to be performed. Therefore, an evaluation should be made by the specialist doctor before surgery and information should be obtained about the suitability of the surgery.

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