Arm Aesthetics

Due to excessive weight loss, aging and genetics, you may have a flabby appearance in your upper arms and legs. This is a condition that cannot be corrected with exercise. If your lower arms and legs are sagging or look loose and plump due to excess skin and fat, arm lift and thigh lift surgery may be suitable for you.

It is very important to understand all aspects of arm and thigh lift surgery. It is completely natural to be excited about the new look you are expecting and a little stressed before surgery. Do not hesitate to discuss all your thoughts and questions with your doctor.

Some laboratory tests will be performed before the arm-thigh lift surgery. You will be asked to stop smoking if you are a smoker. You will be advised not to use blood thinners if you are taking them as they may cause a risk of bleeding.

Arm-thigh lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The incisions are usually made from the inside of the arm or from the back, depending on the surgeon’s preference. It can extend from the armpit to just above the elbow. For the thigh, an incision is made downward from the inner thigh. Elliptical skin and fat tissues are removed. The underlying supporting tissue is then tightened and reshaped with internal sutures. Finally, skin sutures are applied and the operation is finalized.

Your incisions will be closed with a bandage after the arm-thigh lift procedure. Your arms and legs will be loosely wrapped with elastic bandages to minimize swelling. Small drainage tubes may be inserted to drain excess blood or fluid. These drains will be removed after one or two days. You will be asked to limit your daily activities for 2-3 weeks after surgery. You can start activities such as sports 6 weeks after surgery.

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